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Alacrancito Cafe
Alacrancito Cafe
Alacrancito Cafe

Alacrancito Cafe

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Alacrancito is the child version of the Alacran style. Our children Huaraches are carefully made with softer leather material for better cofort. Alacrancito is carefully handcrafted by artisans in Michoacan MEX and are extremely comfortable for children. Alacrancito huaraches are Unisex. Recommended for wide foot.

Initially footwear should fit very snugly (even a bit tight), as footwear will stretch and mold to perfectly fit your foot after a few wears. 

Kids Shoe Chart

  • Size 10 MEX (2c USA)
  • Size 11 MEX (3 USA)
  • Size 12 MEX (4 USA)
  • Size 13 MEX (5 USA)
  • Size 14 MEX (6 USA)
  • Size 15 MEX (7 USA)
  • Size 16 MEX (8 USA)
  • Size 17 MEX (9 USA)
  • Size 18 MEX (10 USA)
  • Size 19 MEX (11 USA)
  • Size 20 MEX (12 – 13 USA)


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