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Family. Cultura. Connection.

Started by grandparents in Michoacan Mexico, grown at the swapmeets in Las Vegas, then expanded internationally by the Haro siblings online, D’Santy is fueled by three generations of the same family. For more than 55 years, D’Santy has been creating high quality leather huaraches by hand by the same family members in the huarache capital of the world, Sahuayo, Michoacan, Mexico.

The Haro Siblings...

grew up in “the taller” in Mexico seeing family members make the huaraches. At a young age, the Haro siblings moved to the U.S. and would be made fun of for their huaraches at school and not speaking English correctly, a common judgement since historically huaraches had a negative stigma for being made for farmworkers. Many years later, the Haro siblings decided to expand the business and they turned what was once a derogatory statement, to a statement of pride in their roots by proudly wearing huaraches and now motivating many others to do the same.

  • More than a brand,

    D’Santy is changing the narrative of wearing huaraches from a negative one, to a powerful narrative that is defying borders, empowering people and amplifying the quality and value of handmade huaraches.

  • D'Santy created a new narrative,

    a narrative of empowerment and belonging for Latinos and now, D’Santy is one of the largest huarache companies in the world and continues to bring your roots to you, especially to those immigrants who cannot go back to their home country.

  • Creating a pathway for DACA

    D'Santy allows hundreds of thousands of DREAMERS to proudly connect with their roots, through the huarache, increasing a sense of belonging and as a result, improving mental health and strengthening communities.

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100% family owned through three generations, the high quality huaraches brand has become a powerful pathway for Latinos to embrace their roots no matter the distance, even when many cannot physically go to their homelands.